About EAVA and CardioRisk 2019

Cardiorisk is the annual congress of the Egyptian Association of Vascular Biology and Atherosclerosis (EAVA) .Cardiorisk 2019 will be held 21 -23th of November 2019. The conference is an EGYBAC accredited event and is internationally recognized.

Main Topics

  • EAVA rising stars
  • Dialogue sessions
  • Scientific topics
  • Nutraceutical and CV disease
  • Biomarkers
  • Remnant cholesterol
  • 2019guidelines
  • Microbiome a new theory for Athero
  • Immunity , inflammation
  • Personalized medicine approach and risk assessment
  • Screening for FH
  • Micro RNA , epigenetics and gene therapy
  • Inflammatory and repair Macrophage
  • Pharmacology of Bempedoic Acid
  • -Targeting ANGPLT3 for the treatment of dyslipidemia
  • Game changing clinical trials
  • Industry supported scientific activities:
  • Lectures
  • Symposia
  • workshops and hand on sessions




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