About EAVA and CardioRisk 2017

Cardiorisk is the annual congress of the Egyptian Association of Vascular Biology and Atherosclerosis (EAVA) .Cardiorisk 2017 will be held 22 -25th of November 2017. The conference is an EGYBAC accredited event and is internationally recognised and endorced by European Atherosclerosis Society and and International atherosclerosis society.

Main Topics

  • LDL receptor activity: a key controller of Atherosclerosis
  • AF and PCI: Tailoring anti thrombotic therapy you optimize outcomes
  • Primary prevention in the elderly: Does it have any benefit?
  • Dealing with the elderly with Hypertension / DM / Dyslipidemia
  • Does dietary cholesterol increase CV risk?
  • The cholesterol paradox
  • Obesity
    • Obesity is a chronic disease
    • Barriers in clinical practice facing obesity
    • The obesity paradox
    • Treatment of obesity
  • Genetic studies and CV protection
    • The earlier the better
    • Value of Mendelian studies
    • Genetic screening for whom
  • Triglycerides And HDL
    • Metabolic pathways
    • Relation to CV events
    • Treatment Algorithm
  • Debates

    • Statin and vascular calcification
    • Statin and diabetes
  • Clinical Cases

    • Case 1 Secondary Hypertension
    • Case 2 Familial Hyperlipidemia
    • Case 3 Diabetic nephropathy
  • Studies

    • EMPA-REG Outcome
    • The REVEAL (Randomized Evaluation of the Effects of Anacetrapib through Lipid modification)
    • CANTOS
    • CANAVAS Outcome
  • Updates in:

    • Hypertension management in the diabetic
    • Lipid Management in the diabetic
    • Premature CHD management in the diabetic
    • Management of Obesity in the Diabetic

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