CVD Epidemiology and Risk Stratification

  • Risk factors from 1948 to 2015
  • One pill for all strategy
  • The dilemma of statin dosage and combination therapy

Pathogenesis of Atherosclerosis

  • Atherogenesis, angiogenesis and plaque rupture
  • The role of inflammatory process in plaque instability
  • Interventions in atherosclerosis: lessons from animal models

BP Management and Difficult to Treat Patients

  • Resistant hypertension
  • Value of ambulatory and central BP measurements
  • BP variability and CV outcomes

Novel Oral anticoagulants

  • Novel oral anticoagulants in DVT
  • Atrial Fibrillation Between VKA and NOACs
  • Role of NOACs in ACS

Novel Interventions in Diabetes Mellitus

  • Novel antidiabetic drugs
  • Lipid management in the diabetics
  • BP control in the diabetics

PCSK 9 inhibitors

  • Biology pf PCSK9
  • Genetic variation of PCSK9
  • PCSK9inhibitors: which patient?

Imaging and Atherosclerosis

  • The clinical benefit of PET-CT
  • MRI imaging and Atherosclerosis
  • Nuclear perfusion imaging 2015

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